Vegan and Vegetarian Mexican
Street Food Party Caterer

About Us

Burrito Fusion is a Vegan and Vegetarian only Mexican street food caterer, located in London. We cater for the niche market and offer a unique proposition of world class authentic and fusion Mexican street food.

Founded by:  Chef Binit Shah, who has had a 18 year journey from video security technology marketing to street food. Binit has had his Mexican food training from Karla Zazueta, a Mexican Chef from Baja California (border between Mexico and America)

The story of Burrito Fusion began in early 2018 from a Cafe/Restaurant to Street Food Catering, with the thought of presenting the authentic flavours of Mexico’s street food dressed in a Vegan and Vegetarian concept.

I love a bit of fusion in my food by incorporating some well known flavours from Mexico, India and Asia and mixing them with one another. My love for world cuisine whilst travelling and eating around the globe, the love for Mexican food and spices influenced the mix of flavours to create an interesting Mexican inspired concept offering more food options and choice to both Vegans as well as Vegetarians  – and this is how Burrito Fusion was born. Burrito Fusion offers a unique experience like no one else and focuses only on one cuisine!

With big aspirations, the knowledge for world flavours together with the love for spicy and healthy fresh food, jumping into street food seems like the ticket to success.

Contact Us

WhatsApp: +44 7855 946 085